One Response to “New ePub Zen Garden style: Simple”

  1. Emmanuel

    Hi Lyza, this is the first time I get in contact with you, but I have read many of your articles. And now I have a problematic doubt and I hope you can help me with this. Well, I´m a young graphic designer, mexican, and here we´re introducing us recently to the ebook world, I even develope at this time my own epubs, but recently grew a doubt here at my work. My boss, young too, insist that there must be strictly 45-55 characters for a text column in ebooks (pdf) no more nor less. What do you think about this? I´m not agree, I´m sure that there could be so much more. So I ask for your help with this please, what do you think, how many characters do you use or how many is the optimum for one and two columns??
    I hope you can help us!
    Thank you so much Lyza!