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We recently launched a challenge that invites Safari Books Online subscribers to write a book or video review and in exchange for their review, we’ll enter their name into a drawing to win an eReader of their choice. We also invited non-subscribers to sign up for a free trial of Safari Books Online so they could get in on this challenge. The more reviews they write and share, the greater their chances of winning.

The following book was reviewed by Gregory Quimby, a Safari Books Online subscriber:

  Title:  Solaris™ Performance and Tools: DTrace and MDB Techniques for Solaris 10 and OpenSolarisBy: Richard McDougall; Jim Mauro; Brendan Gregg

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Print ISBN-10: 0-13-156819-1

Here’s an overview of the book:

“The Solaris™Internals volumes are simply the best and most comprehensive treatment of the Solaris (and OpenSolaris) Operating Environment. Any person using Solaris–in any capacity–would be remiss not to include these two new volumes in their personal library. With advanced observability tools in Solaris (like DTrace), you will more often find yourself in what was previously unchartable territory. Solaris™ Internals, Second Edition, provides us a fantastic means to be able to quickly understand these systems and further explore the Solaris architecture–especially when coupled with OpenSolaris source availability.”

–Jarod Jenson, chief systems architect, Aeysis

“The Solaris™ Internals volumes by Jim Mauro and Richard McDougall must be on your bookshelf if you are interested in in-depth knowledge of Solaris operating system internals and architecture. As a senior Unix engineer for many years, I found the first edition of Solaris™ Internals the only fully comprehensive source for kernel developers, systems programmers, and systems administrators. The new second edition, with the companion performance and debugging book, is an indispensable reference set, containing many useful and practical explanations of Solaris and its underlying subsystems, including tools and methods for observing and analyzing any system running Solaris 10 or OpenSolaris.”

–Marc Strahl, senior UNIX engineer

Solaris™ Performance and Tools provides comprehensive coverage of the powerful utilities bundled with Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris, including the Solaris Dynamic Tracing facility, DTrace, and the Modular Debugger, MDB. It provides a systematic approach to understanding performance and behavior, including:

  • Analyzing CPU utilization by the kernel and applications, including reading and understanding hardware counters
  • Process-level resource usage and profiling
  • Disk IO behavior and analysis
  • Memory usage at the system and application level
  • Network performance
  • Monitoring and profiling the kernel, and gathering kernel statistics
  • Using DTrace providers and aggregations
  • MDB commands and a complete MDB tutorial

The Solaris™ Internals volumes make a superb reference for anyone using Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris.

Here is the review by Gregory Quimby:
Whether you are a Solaris Administrator, or simply someone who wants to get the best performance possible from a Solaris system, then Solaris Performace and Tools is the book you need. This is a hard hitting book that tackles performance analysis and tuning for every major component of the system. From hardware, to kernel, to even java applications the tools are presented one after the other for finding your system bottlenecks and pulling the best performance you can from your systems. I have used this book to correct I/O slowdowns to disk, find bus throughput bottlenecks, and identify tuning changes that are required. I have also been able to analyze problems with applications, find hotspots with databases writing to disks, and overcome a host of other issues. This book gives a System Administrator some very powerful and useful tools. The discussion points and examples move from hardware and kernel based tools, to DTrace (dynamic trace), to MDB (the modular debugger), and pulls them together in ways that allow you to rapidly understand your systems and how the applications you run are using them. If you need to improve your Solaris system’s performance, or you simply want to better understand your servers and how your applications use them, then you absolutely need this book.

Check out this book Solaris™ Performance and Tools: DTrace and MDB Techniques for Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris on Safari Books Online.


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