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Major thanks to George Bina from oXygen for contributing these updates.

This release addresses the following date issue: Epubcheck Issue 93.

More importantly, it also updates one of the key components inside epubcheck which provides many of the validation error messages. This new release should return much more useful errors.

Some error message examples:

epubcheck 1.1:
content.opf(10): unfinished element

epubcheck 1.2:
content.opf(10): element "dc-metadata" incomplete; missing required element "dc:language"

epubcheck 1.1:
page02.xhtml(8): attribute "align" not allowed at this point; ignored

epubcheck 1.2:
page02.xhtml(8): attribute "align" not allowed here; expected attribute "class", "dir", "id", "style", "title" or "xml:lang"

This is a developer release only; you should know already how to run epubcheck from a command line before using this new release.

Download the release candidate jar file and libraries packaged by Threepress or check out the latest source code from Google Code. As with other releases, you will need to update the included lib directory and place it in the same location as the jar file itself.


5 Responses to “Epubcheck 1.2 release candidate 1 available for testing”

  1. Liz Castro

    Thanks, Liza and George!

    I’m not finding the code at the Google link… is it supposed to be there? (And thanks for the download link from Threepress.)


  2. Louie Bacani Foronda

    hi there lizzies haha… why not create .bat for windows… so you don’t have to run it in command line therefore you could check more files easily… and developers and epubcoders may be able to send more bugs, email me… if you want me to post it here…

    But anyways… that’s a much better epubcheck… very useful…


  3. Diego

    Here is the batch I use.
    It checks all the .epubs in the folder.
    It creates a folder called “If_this_empty_you_happy”
    Place it where the pubcheck-1.0.5.jar is.

    for %%g in (*epub) do java -jar epubcheck-1.0.5.jar %%g 2>%%g.log

    for /r %folder% %%i in (*) do (

    rem si la taille est 0 on efface

    if %%~zi==0 (
    del “%%i”
    echo -f “%%i”

    md “If_this_empty_you_happy”
    move “*epub.log” “If_this_empty_you_happy”

  4. Diego

    You must change teh quotation marks so theywork in the batch