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The Safari Books Online video player has been revamped to improve speed, introduce robust new interactive and sharing features, and allow you to view video on your mobile devices.


  • Optimized Video Viewing:
    Safari Books Online now optimizes video viewing – you get the fastest possible method of video viewing, tailored to the specific device and bandwidth being used for access.
  • Interactive Viewing Features:
    Identify and manage key video segments by bookmarking, tagging the contents and attaching notes. There’s also a full-screen mode and user ratings, and the table of contents will let you know what sections you have already viewed.
  • Share This:
    Enjoy all the video that Safari Books Online has to offer – and share it with a friend! With the Share This feature, subscribers can now share clips up to 30 seconds in length with a friend.
  • Mobile Access:
    Videos can now be viewed through the mobile site ( or from the standard site.

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5 Responses to “Check Out Our New Video Player”

  1. Thomas

    Most of the videos I have gone to check are not using the new video player. Even among the videos in the Latest section on the Video category page only one of the five videos uses the new player. Is this feature being rolled out across the catalogue in phases or are some videos simply not getting these new features? I like the new player and it would be nice if the videos I want to watch made use of it.

  2. Don

    Full site used to work great on Android without Flash. It appears that has changed and Flash is now required. The HTML rendered pages just don’t capture the formatting and shading correctly and the mobile rendering is even less refined than the full HTML version. Please allow non-Flash on full site again.


    • Safari Books Online

      Hello. I contacted customer service for you and this is what they had to say, “We do not require Flash. If you are unable to access content on your mobile device and are receiving an error message regarding a Flash requirement that is a bug. Please contact our customer service department at for assistance.”

  3. Chris

    I like that you guys are working on this, but the iPad experience is broken. I’ve been trying to watch a video and it will get about 1:30 or so into it and then freeze. It’ll wait forever and never start playing. Then when I try to restart it and fast forward it by using the scrubber it never plays. I hope you guys work this out as this will be a great feature for the iPad.

  4. Chris

    After some more troubleshooting on the video problems I’m having it seems to be your CDN provider Limelight networks. They are way too sloooow. Please switch from them to Edgecast or Akamai or anything. I tried to stream a 59mb video clip and it stopped every 3 seconds. The max throughput I could get was around 29kbps, this is just awful. So please, please switch CDN providers ASAP. I love your videos, but your CDN is horrible. Thanks!!