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We recently launched a challenge that invites Safari Books Online subscribers to write a book or video review and in exchange for their review, we’ll enter their name into a drawing to win an eReader of their choice. We also invited non-subscribers to sign up for a free trial of Safari Books Online so they could get in on this challenge. The more reviews they write and share, the greater their chances of winning.

We received our first review from Joeyman on the following book:

WPF in Action with Visual Studio 2008: Covers Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and .Net 3.5 SP1

By: Arlen Feldman; Maxx Daymon

Publisher: Manning Publications


Here’s an overview of the book:

Now more than ever, Windows applications have to work well and look good. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft’s new user interface framework, gives you the ability to create stunning graphics, rich interactions, and highly-usable Windows applications. WPF is the API beneath Windows Vista interfaces, and it’s also available for older versions of Windows. Up to this point, it has only been possible to build WPF applications manually, mainly by hand-coding in XAML-WPF’s declarative XML-based markup language. The soon-to-be-released Visual Studio 2008 provides the full set of developer tools you need to take advantage of this exciting technology.

The combination of WPF and Visual Studio 2008 represents the start of the next generation of Windows applications. Hand-coding XAML is fine if you’re an early adopter, but to put WPF into production, you need to master the tools and application styles you’ll use in your day job.

WPF In Action focuses on WPF development using Visual Studio 2008 and other available tools. The book starts with thorough coverage of the basics-layouts, styles, resources, and themes. It then takes you through several real-world scenarios, exploring common challenges and application-types. You’ll build several sample applications, ranging from a simple calculator to a typical line-of-business application. Along the way, you’ll add graphical elements, animation, and support for printing, accessibility, and other standard functionality.

Written in a witty, engaging style, WPF In Action can be read cover-to-cover or used to reference specific problems and issues. The approach is practical and always focused on how you’ll use WPF in real development scenarios. You’ll learn how to handle the many new issues presented by the extreme flexibility of WPF. The authors also provide numerous tips and suggestions for how to work efficiently.

And, here’s the review written by Joeyman, a Safari Books Online subscriber:

I come from a Windows Form background and wanted to learn more about how WPF was different. Having not had any training in WPF this book has made WPF easier to pick up and use. Not only did the book give me a understanding of how Windows forms and WPF are different, the book also gave projects to work on that were helpful in seeing why WPF does things different and where the developers got their ideas to provide a better understanding of WPF. The book also did not focus too much on the eye candy that WPF can provide as much as it gave me ideas on why and how you would use WPF to write application that could just as well be written in Windows Forms. In reading the book I downloaded the examples when I had trouble understanding how something worked. I was able to not only follow what the author was doing in the examples but I had no problem compiling them in Visual Studio 2010 even though the book was written for Visual Studio 2008. The authors did a good job with starting out very basic and building on the building blocks of previous chapters.

Read this review on Safari Books Online and see what others may have to say about the book WPF in Action with Visual Studio 2008.

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