11 Responses to “Poll: Do tech savvy people have a public library card and do they use it?”

  1. Ed Gavin

    I love public libraries, but the technical books in in our libraries here in San Jose are always years behind. I doubt we even have the classic ‘Design Patterns’ by the gang of four.

    • Kate Roberts

      I happen to work in the San Jose library and get my computer books there – they subscribe to Safari Tech books! You have go online and look at the ebooks page, where you see the link to Safari. :)

  2. Corey

    Public Libraries are important to help with promoting literacy and community programs. Our little local library has almost no technical books to speak of but I enjoy their other offerings. Have to wonder what will happen to them in the future now that electronic books are beginning to outsell regular ones.

  3. Dena Laney

    How about I am a librarian and I’m in the library all day… :) I would love to see more tech savvy people in the library. I sure try to order the tech savvy books for them!

  4. Keith Mann

    I am lucky enough to have both a good public library and my Alma Mater’s libraries within a short distance of my home. While it is true that one no longer need visit the library for every bit of research, there are many subjects for which libraries remain the best and often only source of information. Let’s remember, too, that libraries house not only our information but our information scientists — people whose relevance and importance in this world is surprisingly under appreciated. Libraries are struggling in many cases to make the digital transition, but we should support them, not dismiss them.

  5. Ciielbie

    Got a card & use it big time. Music, movies, audio books, ebooks, new & old books, and oh yeah, tech books, too. Libraries==way cool

  6. Michael Kerley

    I haven’t set foot in a library in a couple years. I would if they actually had books that I found useful.

    I used to go to the library when I was much younger, when I mostly read fiction. I used their encyclopedias for reference for school projects until I got internet access. Then I hit college and most of my reading turned to technical subjects, and I quickly discovered the library simply couldn’t keep up with all the new books on computer languages, frameworks, etc.

  7. Thomas

    I used to access Safari Books Online through the campus library. It was not as convenient because I couldn’t keep personal notes or bookmarks, but it did give me access to a lot more information than was otherwise available to me at the library. That’s what got me started on Safari Books and when I was able to I got my own account.

    I have a public library card; it had expired, but when I found out I could check out ebooks I went and renewed it. I am really enjoying having access to a selection of books from the library through my iPad.


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