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I haven’t been checking each incremental release so it’s possible this landed earlier, but the current version of Apple Pages has improved the semantics of their EPUB export.

The original template now produces <p> elements instead of <div>s, an important update:

<h1 class="s7">Introduction to ePub</h1>

<p class="s6">This document will show you how to use paragraph styles to create a publication that looks great and is easy to navigate in ePub readers like iBooks... </p>

Presumably this affects the degree to which Pages-outputted styles are visible in iBooks (as user preferences may override), but it’s great to see more semantically-correct output. This corrects my earlier reservation about using Pages for EPUB creation.


5 Responses to “EPUB export improvements in Apple Pages 4.0.5”

  1. Baldur Bjarnason

    This really is good news. It looks like you can do a lot of decent epub work now just with Pages and something like Sigil.

    Fantastic :-)

  2. Chris Casey

    Better semantics are good. However, will iBooks still override the styles of the output paragraphs? e.g., if class s6 in the example above were text-align: center; would it be center-aligned in iBooks? Currently a p class=”center” will be left-aligned or justified in iBooks, depending on user preferences, without a little hacking. Maybe Pages’ output already accounts for that and it’s a non-issue.

  3. Frank Lowney

    I’m happy to see that Apple is continuing to develop the ePub export feature in Pages. This keeps alive the hope that the next version of Pages (now available separately on the Mac App Store) which is expected this quarter will add some of the exciting new things we’re seeing in the iBookstore such as full-page illustrations and page breaks. As the only mainstream prosumer application that enables ePub export, Pages is becoming very important in education and elsewhere.

    As we also expect ePub v3 this quarter, it will be interesting to see how compliant Pages is then. Thanks Liza for keeping such a close eye on this and letting us know.