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CSS3 for Web Designers cover

We were happy to once again be able to work on this series of web design books. I highly recommend both CSS3 for Web Designers and HTML5 for Web Designers. They’re a great resource for ebook developers who want to get up to speed on some of the tags and styling that will be available in EPUB3.

To sample the content, there’s an excerpt on CSS3 transitions, a mechanism for doing animation in pure CSS.


3 Responses to “CSS3 for Web Designers (and EPUB designers too!)”

  1. Waldo Jaqutih

    Funny—I was thinking about buying that last night, but I was only willing to buy it as an EPUB, and didn’t have any confidence that it’d be any good. Now I’ll definitely buy it. :)

  2. mwiik

    I purchased the ePub edition yesterday, loaded the video ePub version on my iPad and was curious about how that was done. Any details you can share? Presumably this is html5 video…

  3. Liza Daly

    There’s no DRM on the file, so you can just unzip it and see.

    (Please be respectful of copyright and do not redistribute or copy it.)