EpubCheck 1.1 released

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EpubCheck, the open-source tool widely used for checking and testing EPUB files, has been updated to release 1.1. The release is available on Google Code. Note: There is a new jar file in lib/. Ensure you copy that to the same place as your existing saxon.jar. Threepress sponsored the following fixes: Error message generated for… Read more »

Better single-source Mobi/EPUB files

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Edited 3:15pm: Though the current epubcheck considers the sample below to be valid, the approach described in this post is likely not strictly valid according to EPUB 2.0.1. The XHTML TOC is not necessarily meant to be part of the EPUB publication as it is for Kindle consumption only, but it is included in the… Read more »

CSS3 for Web Designers (and EPUB designers too!)

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We were happy to once again be able to work on this series of web design books. I highly recommend both CSS3 for Web Designers and HTML5 for Web Designers. They’re a great resource for ebook developers who want to get up to speed on some of the tags and styling that will be available… Read more »

epubcheck 1.1 RC2 posted

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The public review of epubcheck 1.1 RC1 found an important bug which has just been fixed. EPUB developers are encouraged to download and test epubcheck 1.1 RC2. As before, this is a developer-only release. You need to know how to run epubcheck from the command line to test this build. RC2 does not add any… Read more »

Job opening in Boston or San Francisco: Python and JavaScript software engineer

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Threepress is hiring a full-time contractor to work with us in further developing Ibis Reader, our HTML5 ereading platform. Please see the Craigslist Boston post for the complete details. Note: This is a traditional software developer position, not an ebook developer position. Candidates in the Boston or San Francisco area are strongly preferred, but highly-qualified… Read more »