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Share This feature: Enjoy all that Safari Books Online has to offer – and share it with friends and colleagues. Provide access to book pages, even to non-subscribers.

The Share feature on Safari Books Online allows you to share portions of books or videos with others. You do not need to be a subscriber to view what others have shared.

To use Share, click the SHARE button on the title’s Catalog page. Or, if you are sharing content from a book, you can click the SHARE button in the Content Reader while reading the book.

Clicking SHARE creates a shortened link to the material you are sharing and lets you select how you would like to share the material.

The first three links will allow you to share to a social media site – Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. The fourth allows you to email the link directly to a friend from within the interface.

While you do not need to be signed in or a current subscriber to use the Share feature, you must be logged in to use the Email feature.

The last link generates code that allows you to create Widget on your blog or other web page.

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2 Responses to “Share This Feature”

  1. Mikeumus

    This was/is a great idea.

    Go SarafiBooksOnline!


  2. Thomas

    Share this – great cost effective marketing method that recquires minimum input. Good job you did this – even more people will be able to try your Safari books online service.