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This was my first year at TOC Frankfurt and the Frankfurt Book Fair, and I had a fantastic, sleep-challenged time. O’Reilly Media was kind enough to invite me to speak at TOC about the current work on EPUB3 as it relates to HTML5 and other technologies.

Slides from EPUB Evolutions are posted but it may be more helpful to hear the full presentation, which I’ve re-recorded.

Topics covered in the talk include:

  • The current state of the EPUB3 working groups and overall schedule.
  • Enhancements to worldwide language support, including vertical text.
  • Native multimedia and HTML5 video/audio.
  • Interactivity, and the UI and accessibility challenges it imposes.
  • Improved styling and layout via CSS3 and media-query.


11 Responses to “EPUB Evolutions: Presentation at TOC Frankfurt 2010”

  1. kjkbook

    Great talk! Looking forward to the final spec…(and hope Apple participates/supports it)

  2. Paul Topping

    Thanks for the positive mention of MathML support. My only comment is to remind people that most math is not read, or even written, by mathematicians. All students in K-12 have to study math and half the departments of a typical university have to use math in their subject’s educational content. The Mathematics Dept. is typically the smallest of these departments.

  3. Frank Lowney

    It seemed that you were saying that the Kindle supported ePub with audio and video tags. Is that correct?
    I don’t have a Kindle so can’t test directly but all that I read about ePub on Kindle is that ePub has to first be converted.

  4. Liza Daly

    The Kindle ecosystem uses EPUB as an input format, though that is not the format that is sent to customers on devices and software. They also accept Mobipocket directly, but not for multimedia books — those must be EPUB + HTML5 video/audio.

  5. Robert Nagle

    great talk.

    The best information I got from it was about css 3 media queries (which I had never heard of). I had really been struggling trying to get images to work in different sizes and devices.

    If Webkit-based desktop browsers already support media queries, does that imply that all ebook reading apps on ipad support it as well?

    What about devices which use Adobe Digital Editions to render epub?

    Does Kindle support media-queries?

    I see that support on mobile devices is still pathetic even though desktop browsers support it (but not IE until version 9).

    For me, I am less interested in scaling images as I am using positioning and floats to make images look presentable.

  6. Liza Daly

    At this point you’d need to do some experimentation, as I’m not aware of which support media queries.

    Ibis Reader will load all of the CSS and probably ignore the media-query attribute in any style elements, though it would honor media query directives in the CSS itself. Eventually we’ll fix this to track with EPUB3.

  7. Frank Lowney

    I read elsewhere today that Monocle is an effective way to read ePub on Kindle and wondered if that is also true of Ibis Reader. The criticism of web-based readers, including Monocle I suppose, is centered on network dependency. Ibis Reader overcomes that problem with HTML 5 Local Storage, correct? Will Ibis Reader run on Kindle’s web browser?

  8. Liza Daly

    Ibis Reader works on the Kindle browser, but it’s not especially optimized for it (as Monocle is). Neither one can work offline as the Kindle browser does not support HTML5 offline mode.

  9. Matt LeBlanc

    excellent presentation Liza, lots of valuable insight – hope to see you at DBW 2011