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Covers are in the spotlight for the two updates we’ve just released for Ibis Reader. The first adds small versions of the covers to your web library:

Screenshot of cover images in the Ibis Reader library

In hindsight, this was an update we should have implemented ages ago, as it makes the library so much more attractive and usable. You should see a cover image for each EPUB that uses the “cover” meta tag convention for referencing a specific image in the EPUB as the cover.

We might have been slow to add cover support to other parts of Ibis Reader because it’s always been available when browsing OPDS Catalogs. Today’s second enhancement switches Ibis Reader into looking for the new /image and /image/thumbnail links for covers from version 1.0 of the OPDS Catalog specification. If you’re publishing an OPDS Catalog, please go ahead and switch to the new syntax.


One Response to “Cover enhancements in Ibis Reader”

  1. Frank Lowney

    This is very nice and I especially appreciate the fact that it is consistent from desktop to laptop to mobile device. Ibis Reader should offer the same experience across all devices.