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Version 1.76.0 of the open source DocBook-XSL stylesheets, which convert DocBook documents into a variety of outputs including PDF, HTML, and EPUB, has just been released into the wild for testing. It includes a number of EPUB enhancements and bugfixes that we’ve contributed over the last year, so we’d love to have your feedback.

DocBook-XSL uses their experimental .0 releases, like 1.76.0, to encourage real-world testing. They should not be used in production systems, but are usually followed by stable releases, like 1.76.1, in a few weeks.

Some of the EPUB improvements include:

  1. Support for multiple embedded fonts
  2. Improved selection of cover images
  3. Workarounds for ADE bugs
  4. Changes to NCX documents to create better inputs for kindlegen (to create Mobis)
  5. Better date outputs for epubcheck validation

Please report issues and bugs to the DocBook-XSL bug tracker.


One Response to “DocBook-XSL 1.76.0 released for testing with many EPUB enhancements”

  1. Keith Fahlgren

    Another exciting new feature is the addition of a Webhelp output:

    A new browser-based, cross-platform help format with full-text search and other features typically found in help systems. See webhelp/docs/content/ch01.html for more information and a demo.