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Safari Books Online’s Learn Something New Team Challenge just concluded. The participants were asked to describe a project they were planning or working on, including the challenges to be faced and essential skills or knowledge, and they were asked to identify the key skills they would need to gain in order to successfully complete the project. Then, we gave them the resources (if they didn’t have access to Safari Books Online already) to learn or sharpen the skills needed to deliver a successful project. 

The selected winner of this challenge can choose from one of two great prizes:

  • eReader of their choice 
  • A Starbucks espresso machine of their choice

The winner of the Learn Something New Team Challenge was chosen by a selection committee and community bloggers based on the following criteria: 

  • How complex or interesting the project is to the selection committee and the community, based on feedback via the comments section on the blog
  • How much time (hours) it takes to complete the project, and how much time is saved by using Safari Books Online resources
  • How active the participating team members are on the blog by giving updates and encouraging their friends and co-workers to vote or comment on their entries
  • The impact the project has on the organization or industry
  • The creativity and innovation used in completing the project

We have a surprise for the participants of the Learn Something New Team Challenge. We’re changing the rules a little but I don’t think anyone will complain. Instead of awarding ONE team with an eReader or Espresso Machine, we will be recognizing TWO teams. 

 The two winning teams are:  


  The team that will be awarded a $150 movie theatre gift certificate is: 


Thank you to the participating teams and congratulations to our winners! 

Many workgroups and individuals today are challenged to do more with fewer resources and they are pushed to take on challenges and projects that may not fit their current skill-sets. That’s where the Safari Books Online Learn Something New Team Challenge came into play. The Challenge demonstrated how individuals or entire workgroups can cost-effectively use Safari Books Online to learn new skills while delivering a tangible project for their organization. Sharpened skills mean more efficient work habits, improved efficiencies and faster or more agile development and delivery of projects.

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