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We have collected the results and feedback from the iPad beta, and are now incorporating the suggestions into the final app. We will launch the app as soon as we can (which will be in the coming weeks). We appreciate your patience.  Until the app is released, you may consider using the mobile version of our site at

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66 Responses to “Update on the iPad App”

  1. Abdullah

    Bought An iPad So I Can Enjoy Safari Books On The Go Which Was One Of The Main Resaons.

  2. EE Toulouse

    Ok but we are waiting since july, then it was supposed to be released in august, now in the coming weeks.
    I am quite disappointed :(

  3. Matt

    Looking forward to the app! It’s going to be available in Europe as well, right? :-)

  4. anonymous

    Most people would buy an ipad and look for things to do on it. For me, reading safari comfortably and on the go is the motivation to buy an ipad. Safari Books driving ipad sales!

    The app. better be good! waiting anxiously…

  5. Jeroen

    This is great news, can’t wait! And please take your time better a good app then a rushed app..

  6. Raymond

    This app and my subscription is one of the main reasons I bought the iPad. iPad was made for such services, now common folks cant wait! :)

  7. Chris

    Waiting, waiting, super-duper anxiously… Any update as to when it’ll be ready?

  8. Cody

    Will there be an iPhone compatible version as well? I find the new Retnia display to make reading quite doable now…

    • Safari Books Online

      We plan to roll out iPhone and Android apps next year. However, you are currently able to access Safari Books Online on your iPhone via our recently updated mobile app at

  9. Philip

    Very disappointing that you didn’t meet your commitment of releasing it summer 2010.

    Is the beta version really not better than the mobile website? If so, why not provide it as a preview release?

  10. Charlie

    For the love of god, release this already. I’m canceling my subscription until it’s released.

  11. EE Toulouse

    I’m also considering to cancel mine. Waiting and Waiting since july, august, september and I suppose It Will be the same in october :(

  12. EE Toulouse

    Thanks for your answer, do you any date to announce? (today begins the first week of october…) I am checking the app store every day since your announce in july.

      • Will

        Any further word from Apple? This has been going on forever. I’m paying for the Library subscription and did so expecting to have the iPad app by now.


  13. Tchatcho

    Im also considering to cancel my account until that app appear into app store. Could we do that?

  14. Tchatcho

    Some of the books of your library could help right now. Look into books that talk about Extreme Programming or Agile development. Pre-releases with a minimal amount of features is far better than a bloated app full of features that will come when the people start to untrust your company. Remember that we are paying when we wait.

  15. Jeff

    What is the status of this? I have been hearing the app is coming and coming. Safari, it doesn’t appear to me that you have any credibility. How can you now know when your own app is going to be published. If it isn’t released in a few more days I am cancelling my subscription for good.

  16. EE Toulouse

    Starting the 2nd week of october and still waiting and waiting :(

  17. BuffyG

    While we appreciate that Apple controls this part of the release process, it would be helpful if you could give us a heads up if you’re not getting clear indications from Apple that they will give approvals that line up with your previous ETA.

  18. Mat

    This must be able to cache bocks offline. Please have that feature in there, otherwise the use of this os doubtful.

  19. A.AlShaikh

    Calm Down People, The Most Logical Reason For The Delay is Probably From Apple’s Side And Not From Safari Books Online, And If The Delay Is From Safari Books Online Then There Must Be A Good Reason For It, So Either Way It’s Not A Good Idea To Pressure The Developers, I Know I Hate To Be Pressured, All In All Patience Is A Virtue.

  20. Tchatcho

    I work for a newspaper. We have 3 hours to get the entire issue ready every day… Believe me on this, this is not pressure. They announce this app several months ago, we make the subscriptions. Now we are paying for that crap mobile version. This is about justice. I do prefer to buy the ebook and use ibook to read…. I want to freeze my account, is that possible? Someone in safari books could help me on this? Thanks

  21. A.AlShaikh

    I Pay For The Unlimited Account, Which Is Very Pricey, You Don’t See Me Complaining, As Long As I Can Read The Books It Doesn’t Matter To Me The Way I Read Them, I Do Admit The iPad App Is A Big Plus And A Lot More Conveniant, But I Can Live Without It.

    The Mobile Version Of The Site Is Quite Good, They Also Reinstated The HTML View, So On My iPad I Go To The Full Site And View The Books In HTML.

    Don’t Get Me Wrong, It Isn’t Appropriate For A Company To Promise Something To Their Customers And Then Deliver Extremely Late Or Never, But These Things Happen, As Every Developer Knows.

    @SafariBooksOnline Any Official News?

    • EE Toulouse

      Hi, I can understand your point of view and you could understand us. I’ve subscribed before the IPad and I have been very satisfied with the web view on my pc and even on my iPhone. However on the iPad the reading it is very unconfortable and honestly I prefer to read

      • EE Toulouse

        I prefer to read a PDF rather than using Safari on line. I think the problem here is that the release dates published by Safari have not been respected and it is normal to react to answers like “NeXT month… Or it is coming very soon, 1st week of october etc etc”. I go every day to the app store to check it and i am always dissapointed. I think Safari should communicate better and to be more professional with their releases. I am still satisfied with the services and price. Please! We have always be happy with Safari , make a nice effort and give us that app :) even a beta version…

    • Safari Books Online

      Thank you for your posts. We are working with Apple on the release into the app store. We think it will be soon but won’t know for sure until we hear back from them. Of course we will communicate when we know something more definitive.

    • TchaTcho

      Its your money, do as you want… but please, dont judge how others use your own money. In Brazil 40 dolars its a lot of money, and i did subscribe this just for ipad version. Im not talking about safari be a bad company, i really like the service (by the way, im a subscriber). And i know that apple aprove process is a foot in ass… but the right thing to do is: to give good information to the costumers; if your company not have the capacity to deliver the product, refund the costumers… and finally if you cant to give a good release date to the subscribers… offer to freeze the account for those (like me) that expect this product release. Fair play guys. Thanks Safari and i will wait the costumer service contact.

      • A.AlShaikh

        I’m Sorry If You Guys Believe That I’m Judging You, That Was Not My Intent, Yes They Should Have Clear And Concise Information For Customers, But That Does Not Mean I Should Go On A Rampage Just Because They Were Delayed By Apple, And I Pay For This Subscription Because I Believe It Is Vital For Every Developer To Be Up To Date On The Latest, Especially Since I Live In A Place Where Being Up To Date Is Almost An Impossible Task, But I Really Don’t Care How I Get To Read My Books, And If I Want To Read Books On My iPad I Just Download The Book, Add To iTunes, And Sync Back To The iPad.

        Just To Be Clear I Did Buy The iPad Specifically For This App, But I Learned Of New Ways To Use The iPad For My Requirements, I Made A Huge Investment On Purchasing The iPad, But I Don’t Blame Safari Books For The Delay, I Have Come To Terms With That, And Try To Make Use Of What Is Currently Available.

        But I Do Believe That Safari Books Should Offer Their Customers A Way For Compensation On The Assumption That The App Would Be Available Some Time Soon, But That’s For Safari Books To Decide On How To Treat Their Customers Not Me.

        P.S. I Agree 40 Dollars Is A Lot Of Money, But Cheer Up Guys It’s On Its Way.

    • EE Toulouse

      Well, no news, i guess the app will be here for christmas , thanks safari you are amazing!!!!

  22. amit

    Hi, Any ideas when this app will be released. I checked out the Zinio’s application on Ipad and its phenomenal. Why can’t you guys leverage their technology if it taking so much time to develop your own. All the best magazines businees week, Harvard Business Review, Popular science etc are on it. The visuals are great and reading experience amazing.

    Also please release your app so that people can start checking it out and then you can keep on updating it. Don’t wait for perfection every software has hot fixes and major releases

  23. TchaTcho

    Im holding my subscription (42,99) plus buying the ebooks to read into the ipad (35 each)… Im not expecting much from that app. The app will have 1 zillion options and you gonna be that impression that you are into windows running on ipad. If they build a simple and good app to read books like Ibook we should using the soft right now… So, if anyone knows another company that provide the same service please let me know. Im testing the kindle app (and in the end of the month the price is similar to my subscription).

  24. Max Schilling


    It has been 11 days since your last comment. Can you folks please give us an update on progress with the iPad app?

    Max Schilling

  25. Will

    I am also anxiously awaiting the upcoming iPad app. However, I am not going to cancel my subscription because of a delay in its release. I find safari books online to be extremely useful even when utilizing the mobile version on my iPad. I find myself using the service more on my work machine than my iPad. So, a delay in the app isn’t critical to me. I would rather safari take the time necessary to release a quality product.

  26. Junyoure

    I took part in the Beta. I can totally believe this is a hold-up on Apple’s end. I too, purchased the iPad with Safari in mind. I am in no way canceling my subscription though. Once the app is released all will be well with the world.

    Hang in there peoples…It’ll get better.