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Safari Books Online is in the process of creating a product capability that allows subscribers to store cached and untethered books in a folder within the Safari Books Online product for offline access. Which of the following folder names would you most identify with this capability? Feel free to suggest other names.

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9 Responses to “Poll re: cached and untethered books in Safari Books Online”

  1. Helene K

    My suggestion is the name:
    “Offline reading” or simply “Offline books”

    The whole point of names is that it should be intuitive to understand the intention of the folder. Bookbag is intuitive, but still requires some thinking what is meant by bookbag (especially for non-english people).

  2. Richard

    I couldn’t agree with Helene and Rose more! Bookbag is gimmicky and sort of vague. Offline Reading is clear.

  3. Jerry

    Again such a stupid idea! Where do you get these ideas, that you think you should find some fancy words for your services? Just call it what it is. You don’t need to establish new brand-like words like “bookbag” or “my boogerybook”. Nobody wants or *needs* that! Call your app just “safari books online” like your service (because it is the app for that service!) and call your offline library “offline library” or something like that. Be clear!

    Stop the stupid fancy marketing things. Don’t you have any marketing experts who tell you that you are weakening your brand if you try to establish new words for something that isn’t worth it?

    “Hey, let’s call our homepage ‘the safaromepage’!” – that is just stupid!


    • Safari Books Online

      Thanks for your feedback. Honestly, that’s why we are asking. What seems obvious to some may not seem obvious to others. Your opinion counts so thank you for voicing your opinion.

      • Jerry

        Thank you for still being so polite! Now I think, my post was a little to agressive – but still, that’s what I think about it.

  4. Rick

    I don’t think you want to change your brand. Why not just “Safari Books Offline”? This preserves the brand and the intent.