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We’d like for you to be one of the first to test and give feedback on Safari Books Online’s beta iPad app.

Safari Books Online has been working hard on a new iPad app. We have our beta version almost finished and would like your feedback via a 45 minute face-to-face meeting at our Sebastopol office on August 9th or at our San Francisco office on August 10th or 12th.

If you are selected to participate, we’ll happily establish access for you to Safari Books Online for one month. If you currently already have access to Safari Books Online, we’ll extend your existing subscription by 30-days.

If you are willing and available to spend about 45 minutes exploring the new app and talking about your experience while using the beta iPad app in our offices, we’d like to hear from you. Please provide us with your contact information by completing this form.

We are currently scheduling appointments on the following days and locations:

• Sebastopol, California: August 9th
• San Francisco, California: August 10th and 12th

Space is limited so please respond promptly to ensure a spot on the beta iPad app feedback panel.

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14 Responses to “If you’re in the San Francisco or Sebastopol area…”

  1. Jirka


    I would like to ask you, whether such an app will be for Android OS or iPod touch (maybe it already exists and I don’t know).

    Reading via web is not as comfotable as it could be using special app (the page is reloaded and I lost the place, where I finish my reading, I don’t have synchronized places of last reading between more devices where I read safari books).

    Thanks for the answer.

    • Safari Books Online

      You can read books in your Safari Books Online subscription right now on our mobile site, In addition, we are currently finalizing a new iPad app as well as functionality enhancements on our mobile site ( These new enhancements will include the ability to bookmark and take notes as well as to sync after using the books offline. The iPad application is currently in Beta. Both sets of functionality will be released for general availability in the Fall.

  2. Jirka

    Thanks for your answer. I’m not going to have iPad and I would like to have as comfortable reading on my android phone or iPod touch as possible. Reading eBooks is already comfotable now.

    All changes are going to be announced in this blog?

  3. Marco

    Hopefully you will consider some sort of ‘offline reading’ mode in the ipad app so one could easily mark books for ‘temporary’ download (you could auto-expire them based on the library subscription expiry date for example) and read them on the plane and/or in areas with no 3g coverage (subway etc.).

    • geoff

      This is my #1 request for the app also. I hope this functionality is core to the ipad app.

  4. Jirka

    Yeees, it is great, but the iPad is not device I’m going to buy. To have such an application in my Android phone will be beautiful (or in iPod Touch).

  5. anon

    when is the app coming out via itunes? comeon, it’s august already….hurryup!!

    • Safari Books Online

      I’m anxious for the app as well. Currently we are analyzing the results of our beta tests. From there we will decide requirements necessary to deliver the best app possible. We’ll keep you updated via the blog.

  6. sreeram

    Until now i thought Safari books online is a leap in technology where we have access to books online any where. But seeing that you need people to be present face to face is something surprising, where in the world you can reach out to anyone anywhere and do video conference :)

    I really want to try the mobile application personally on my android device if possible. Let me know if there is any planned release for android devices.


    • Safari Books Online

      We actually had two rounds of beta testing. One (at location) was more like usability feedback and testing. The second was a beta group that was not restricted by location. We currently have a mobile app that is compatible with many hand held devices, including android. And, we are working on a new release for the mobile app,, that should be available soon. You can learn more here:

  7. anonymous

    What is the scheduled release date for the ipad app? When will beta go to GA? Will the app be free or would there be a fee to purchase/use it?

    • Safari Books Online

      This app will be ready in the coming weeks. We’ve just completed a round of beta testing and are currently working to incorporate the feedback from our users. Once complete, we’ll be submitting to Apple and working with them through the usual review process. This app will be free.

  8. Safari Books Online

    Please forgive me if my German translation is not exact.

    Derzeit analysieren wir die Ergebnisse unserer Beta-Tests . Von dort werden wir entscheiden Anforderungen erforderlich sind, um die besten App möglich zu liefern. Ich halte euch auf dem Laufenden . Vielen Dank für Ihre Geduld.

    Currently we are analyzing the results of our beta tests. From there we will decide requirements necessary to deliver the best app possible. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for your patience.


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