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We would love to get your input on the following question:

Which name do you think should be used to identify Safari Books Online’s mobile apps, collectively? The name selected will be used across all our mobile apps so it should be something generic, yet descriptive. And, it has to be 13 or fewer characters long.

Here are our top 4 choices. Feel free to add one of your own. As always, thank you for your input and interest.

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4 Responses to “Your Opinion Counts! Which name do you think should be used to identify our mobile apps, collectively?”

  1. johnc


    rover 1 |ˈrōvər|
    1 a person who spends their time wandering
    2 (in various sports) a player not restricted to a particular position on the field.
    3 a vehicle for driving over rough terrain.

  2. Jerry

    Why should you name it other than your website? That is what i would look for in the app store! If you call it SafariToGo or similar, people would confuse it with the Safari browser.

    Please let people vote for the name “SafariBooksOnline” – this is the only right choice for this app. Do not try to establish another brand and go with the already successfully established one!

    • Rick

      I agree with Jerry. However, if “SafarBooksOnline” is too long, I would use SafariBooks.