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For those of you interested in the beta iPad app, here’s an update: We are finalizing plans for our beta iPad application right now. Due to certain limitations beyond our control, we will have to limit the beta to no more than 100 members. We will be sending out messages in the next week to notify interested users about whether or not they are part of our beta. The actual beta period will take place in early August.

As always, we greatly appreciate your support and interest and look forward to working with you to refine this app.

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20 Responses to “Update: Beta iPad App”

  1. Joseph Bennie

    I would love to help you test, because i don’t know how often I have thought I wish I had an ipad with my safari books stuff on it… but i need to win the ipads first :)

  2. Jeff

    Thanks a lot for the update, I was wondering how this was all coming along.

    Ad-hoc distribution seems a bit limited to me but I can see where Apple is coming from on it.

  3. Fernando

    Hi, good to hear of the updates. I do have experience participating and contributing to betas (just wrapping one now for another vendor) and I am a heavy iPad user precisely as a reading platform. I would love to help.

    Let me know.

  4. Glenn Street

    I would love to test this out. Been looking forward to seeing this ever since there was mention of the beta.

  5. Robert

    Safari books online was the main reason for getting an iPad, so naturally I’d love to take part in the beta.

    I’m sure everyone would like to be kept up-to-date on the expected release date of the app on a regular basis though as it’s now slipped from a “July release” to a “beta in August”.. with no word on when the full app can be expected.

  6. Jody Lemoine

    I’m in the same boat as Robert. My iPad justification was made between PDFs of all of my product documentation and Safari Books Online. I’d love to participate in the beta, but will look forward to the release if I can’t.

  7. NL

    I hope it’s gonna have better UI integration than web version. I’d be interested in seeing what other features it’ll provide asides from what the web version provides. Printing support perhaps?

  8. Behrang

    Consider adding a dictionary to your iPad version of Safari Books.

  9. Jackson

    I forgot about the 100 max beta rule for developers.

    I’ve been talking to someone in the right department at SafariBooksOnline about getting into the iPad beta program since the beginning of April. I just hope I’m still on the list!! I bought my iPad on launch day, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing what SafariBooksOnline produces since before I even bought it. It’s The killer app for me. I can’t wait!!!

  10. Saptak Sen

    I will love to test the Safari iPad app. BTW, is there any target release date.

  11. Chris

    When will the app be made available? I’m dying to give it a try, but was not selected to participate in the beta. Is anything coming soon? When?

    • Safari Books Online

      Currently we are analyzing the results of our beta tests. From there we will decide requirements necessary to deliver the best app possible. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for your patience. I’m excited too.


  12. shawn

    Will the iPad app make reading books provide a more natural interface than the web portal? Will there be any new features for the app?