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We received our third LEARN SOMETHING NEW TEAM CHALLENGE submission. Thank you for participating, Alejandro & team.

The team will post updates in the comments section of this post so please check back regularly to hear how this “Utilize Analysis Services to Create a Data Warehouse for Historical Data” project is coming along.

Here are the details so far.

Project Name: Utilize Analysis Services to create a Data Warehouse for Historical Data

Current Situation or Problem: Transfering data from Mainframe Datacom to SQL Server and the data is in a huge database that will need to be purged and queried and a tool is needed to make reporting from this database easily and effectively.

Purpose and Details of the Project: To report data from a SQL Server database after the data has been migrated from a Mainframe database.

Roles of Members on the Team: Alejandro Aguilar – SQL Server Database Administrator. Josh Thornes – Web Developer.  Husain Ali – Web Developer. Michelle Lambert – Service Owner – Project Manager

Learning Objectives: Alejandro will have to learn Analysis service to complete this project. Husain and Josh will have to find the best tool (development language) to use to acomplish this project. Michelle will have to read ITIL to make sure that everything is done according to business rules.


Book Title: Pro SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services
Author: Philo Janus Guy Fouche
Publisher: Apress
  Book Title: Python Web Development with Django®
By: Jeff Forcier; Paul Bissex; Wesley Chun
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Book Title: Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 Management and Administration
Author: Ross Mistry
Publisher: Sams

Due Date: August 10 2010

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