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Animation with Adobe Flash Professional CS5


This is a working draft of a pre-release book. It is available before the published date as part of the Rough Cuts service.

Adobe Flash Professional is the most popular software available today for creating animations for the Web. Used to craft a variety of materials ranging from blinking Web banner ads through complex Web-based shopping environments up to fully interactive gaming experiences, Flash is everywhere.

This guide from top-animation designer Chris Georgenes will cover how to create dynamic characters for an immersive interactive experience and how to add stunning visual effects using ActionScript 3.0. From Adobe Press, this Studio Techniques book is designed for intermediate or advanced users and will focus on how to create a more interactive experience for the end user, including coverage of storyboarding and user directed storytelling, 2D character design and rigging, and creating visual FX with code. The guide also includes: avatar creations and publishing to the iPhone and the Web. This guide will not cover the basics of Flash, such as drawing tools, or how to use the timeline, or the difference between symbol behaviors.

By: Chris Georgenes; Justin Putney
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Link in Safari Books Online: Animation with Adobe Flash Professional CS5

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