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Readers are finding new things to read from an ever-expanding range of retailers, publishers, aggregators, and authors, so we’ve just released an update to Ibis Reader that allows you to customize the list of ebook catalogs you see whenever you want to Get Books.

Just click Add your own catalog at the bottom of the Get Books page and we’ll show you some catalogs we recommend that are just one click away. If you know of another catalog of ePubs in OPDS format, just use the form at the bottom to add it by file upload or point it at a URL (your Calibre library in the cloud, perhaps):

Adding new catalogs to Ibis Reader is just a few clicks away

The particulars of this OPDS Catalog format are still fairly new, but under the hood it’s just a list of available publications. It seems like a perfect fit for digital magazines like PragPub:

A display of recent issues from PragPub Magazine in Ibis Reader

As always, any books you’ve added to Ibis Reader will be available anywhere, anytime. If you’re using the mobile app version, you can browse your whole Ibis Reader library using the My Online Bookshelf link and choose whichever titles you want to download to your phone/pad/thing.

Know of a great OPDS Catalog of DRM-free ePubs we should add? Please leave a comment with the URL of the catalog.

If you’d like to learn more about creating an OPDS Catalog for your own books, please introduce yourself on the openpub mailing list or contact Threepress.

You can encourage visitors to your site to add your Catalog to Ibis Reader using the same type of widget we introduced for reading ePubs:



5 Responses to “Add your own catalogs to Ibis Reader”

  1. Werner Donné


    Thank you for the OPDS-feature. I have two suggestions. First, it would be interesting to support authentication. I use Pincette as an OPDS-catalogue to store my e-books online in a private way. Second, but much less important, is the authority part of the URL. Your tool doesn’t support a full authority, i.e. [[:@]].

    Best regards,


  2. bowerbird

    there is an .epub on a website that i want to read in ibisreader…

    how do i point to the file’s u.r.l. to have ibisreader go and fetch it?


  3. David Pierron

    Hi Keith, Liza

    Thanks for this feature, it rocks !
    I just wanted to point to the calibre2opds documentation wiki, which could be a nice addition to Jane’s post – the one that you referenced under the clever title “your calibre library in the cloud” :p