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During this 60-minute webcast, author Barrie North will take a hard-core look at Joomla websites and explain how Joomla can help you be more successful. More importantly, learn what not to do – avoid actions that can hurt your conversion rates. Discover common usability and marketing mistakes and see how to fix them. Gain insight into what landing pages are, and how to maximize their effectiveness as a key marketing tool.

According to marketing guru Seth Godin, a web site visitor is a lot like a monkey looking for one thing: a banana. If that banana isn’t easy to see and easy to get, your visitor is gone with a quick click on the “Back” button. Understanding that basic principal of online behavior, and being positioned to deliver, is critical to converting business. Anyone can spend a lot of money on traffic-driving fees but traffic alone is no guarantee of success.

The bottom line is to get your visitors to buy what you are selling once they get to the site  – otherwise, you just threw away a lot of cash.

 About the Author

Barrie North has over 15 years of experience with the Internet, as a user, designer, and teacher. He has spent over eight years in the education field, becoming steadily more involved in web technology and teaching web design classes to students and technology integration to teachers. Most recently he worked as an IT consultant for two new schools pioneering in the use of technology. As well as web design, he has provided web marketing/SEO, usability, and standards compliance expertise to his clients.

Mr. North is currently a partner of, providing templates and custom services. He maintains a blog about all things Joomla at When not working, he can frequently be found on Joomla community boards, and has written many free tutorials for using Joomla.

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  1. satechheads

    Here is a decent glossary hack using the regular built in joomla components and one hack that I found here:

    Just create a section and call it whatever you like. Then add 26 categories A-Z. Each glossary submission needs to be added to section ‘glossary’ or whatever and then to the correct corresponding category according to the first letter of the name of the submission. ie. ‘Virus’ would be in category ‘V’, etc…

    You can view the results on my website here:

    It’s still a work in progress but hey at least it works!!