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FT Press publishes high quality books in the areas of General Business, Finance and Investing, Sales and Marketing, Leadership, Management and Strategy, Human Resources, and Global Business. Their brand is built on the concept of signing and publishing the world’s best minds on the most relevant topics.

Here are the three social media books that they added to the Safari Books Online library recently:

Thinking of Blogging?: Some Basic Ideas About Getting Started Effectively

“The blogosphere is where we go for information, ideas, and advice, whether we’re painting the living room or searching for the best hotel in Timbuktu. Many people now trust bloggers more than traditional authorities. For corporations, blogs have become must-have vehicles for selling on a more personal level. The exploding use of social media extends the blogging revolution. When you blog, you’re competing against thousands, so doing it well can make a big difference. ”

Using Blogs as a Business Tool: Let’s Get Started

“It’s stunningly inexpensive to blog. It’s a great way to control your own story and go right to the public, bypassing the media gatekeepers. And it’s an unparalleled way to go where your customers, clients, and prospects are. This new shortcut offers some ideas for moving your company into the blogging world or expanding its applications.”

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Writing Effective Text Messages for Business

“Increasingly, large organizations are finding an active Twitter “presence” essential to branding and customer interface. If you’re an entrepreneur, a professional, or a consultant, Twitter can be great for your purposes, too. But super-speeding the delivery system does not mean you should short-shrift the writing process. On the contrary: Look at texting and tweeting as the ultimate self-edit–a sort of final writing exam.”

Over 280 Short Cuts by FT Press available on Safari. Browse now.

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