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Publishers and authors have been asking us for an easy way to get readers started with their books in Ibis Reader. Because Ibis is a part of the Web rather than a standalone application, we can easily add an ePub book that’s available on the web with a simple URL:


Here’s some sample HTML if you’d like to start embedding links on your own pages:

<a href="">
  <img src="" alt="Read in Ibis Reader" width="300" height="61" />

You’ll need to encode the URL of your ePub file, either using the function in your programming language or a form like (paste a URL and hit encode).

Please let us know if you’d like a custom icon at a different size.

Update: Thanks to David Pierron in the comments, there’s now a bookmarklet. Just drag this into your Bookmarks bar in most browsers: Open in Ibis Reader.


8 Responses to ““Read in Ibis Reader” widget available”

  1. David Pierron

    Here you go :

    javascript:function%20ibisRead()%7Bvar epub=window.prompt(‘Enter the ePub URL…’,document.location.href);window.location = ‘’+encodeURIComponent(epub);%7DibisRead();void(0)

    The default value in the prompt is the current URL (although I don’t know how you could get a valid .epub file in the URL without opening it first…)

  2. David Pierron

    I experimentally added support for this feature in Calibre2Opds HTML catalogs, and ran into a problem : when a user uses this widget, his ePub file is added to his IbisReader library ; but when he uses the widget a second time with the same ePub, it’s added a second time…

    What would be great, would be to use the metadata in the ePub file, if possible the ISBN (), or maybe the unique id () to identify the book and look through the library, opening it at the last known position if it already exists, importing it if it does not…

    I hope you get my message !

  3. David Pierron

    of course, the XML elements I pasted in my last comment do not show… here they are (replace the square brackets with angle brackets) :

    ISBN: [dc:identifier opf:scheme=”ISBN”]
    Unique id: [dc:identifier id=”uuid_id” opf:scheme=”uuid”]

  4. Rami Henein

    Is it possible to upload and view books which are stored locally or on another server? I am building a website in which an epub reader functionality should be available. User will upload their epub books, and they will be stored on a server. So is it possible to use ibis reader to open them?


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