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In the two weeks since we launched Ibis Reader, we’ve been listening to feedback about what features you wanted to see most. I’m happy to say that we’ve just released two of those major enhancements: position syncing and a better interface for reading on the web.

First, here’s how to get the update, since this was already asked:

Getting the latest update on your mobile device

HTML5 devices will get the very latest code on the second time you open the application after an update. So if you haven’t used Ibis recently, you might need to open and close it twice. If you’ve never used it, you’ll already be up to date. That’s it!

We always post the revision date at the bottom of each book information page:

We’re recommending that you also log out and log back in again if you haven’t used Ibis in awhile.

Full position syncing across all clients

While Ibis Reader has always kept track of the books you acquired from any device, it now also tracks your position within each chapter (as requested).

For example, if you read on the web site for awhile, then switch to reading that same book on your iPhone, you should see a message like the following:

Position syncing across multiple devices and font configurations is tricky and we’ve still got a few bugs, but we’ll be improving it along the way and would love feedback.

“No distractions” reading mode

While everybody loves fuschia, we always wanted to include a distraction-free reading screen that fulfills our mission of “getting out of your way.”

From any reading page on the website, click “No distractions”:

You’ll be taken into the new mode:

In both the table-of-contents view and in reading mode you can now make font face and size preferences, and these will persist across sessions.

You can also adjust the width of the text in reading mode by dragging the right margin right and left. This value will also persist:

Currently, automatic position updates are only posted when you’re in no-distractions mode, or when reading on a device. We don’t want to post your position if you’re just jumping around the TOC searching for something, only when you’re engaged in reading. But that might be a bad assumption, let us know!

Other updates

We also fixed a number of bugs and added a few small features here and there, primarily:

Open in Stanza or Aldiko

From any book information page you can choose to export the current book to these popular programs if you’re on an iPhone/iPod Touch or Android, respectively:


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