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We now have over 500 Short Cuts in the library. 

Here are some of the most recently added:

The Goals of Projects and Project Management
By: Michael B. Bender

Publisher: FT Press

This Element is an excerpt from A Manager’s Guide to Project Management: Learn How to Apply Best Practices (ISBN: 9780137136902) by Michael B. Bender.

“Project management is an evolving discipline. Historically, the discipline concentrated on itself—focusing on the tools, processes, and techniques for successfully executing projects. Now that these are well developed, the discipline must look outward, focusing on its environment. Executive management shoulders the responsibility to conceive, design, implement, and manage the organization’s overall objectives, culture, environment, and processes for all disciplines, including project management.  Focusing on these key areas will help you drive your organization’s success in projects and programs.”

Great Questions: The Most Important Tool in a Manager’s Toolbox
By: Terry J. Fadem

Publisher: FT Press

This Element is an excerpt from The Art of Asking: Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers (ISBN: 9780137144242) by Terry J. Fadem. 

The essential questions that can make any manager dramatically more effective!

“Carpenters have hammers, dentists have picks, and physicians have stethoscopes. It is hard to envision them working without these tools. Managers, too, have a basic set of tools: questions. Here are the basic questions that all managers can use–at any level, in any organization, in any situation, anywhere in the world, and in any language.”

Writing a Business Report That Gets Read, Not Filed
By: Natalie Canavor; Claire Meirowitz

Publisher: FT Press

This Element is an excerpt from The Truth About the New Rules of Business Writing (9780137153152) by Natalie Canavor and Claire Meirowitz.

“How to write reports that people actually read—and then act upon!

Feel buried by requests for reports? You’re not alone. With fewer face-to-face meetings and so many collaborations to manage, report writing has become an even more important skill. A successful report is easy to define: It’s read and results in action. Write to be read.” Learn how.

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