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Though it’s been live for a few days now, Threepress is happy to formally announce that our HTML5 mobile web reader Ibis Reader has launched.

It was exciting to get some favorable coverage from the Wired Gadget Lab blog almost immediately:

Ibis reader is an e-book reading application that does everything that you’d expect an iPhone e-reader to do, with one big difference: It doesn’t come from the App Store. The app runs on any iPhone or iPod Touch and offers full offline access to your library of books, and is as fast and responsive as a native iPhone application. It manages this through the magic of HTML5, which is supported by Mobile Safari and – crucially – offers offline storage for web-sites.

In the coming weeks we’ll be listening to feedback on Get Satisfaction and implementing some of the features we didn’t finish in time for launch. Because Ibis Reader is just a website, we can roll out new things quickly and painlessly, and as mobile browsers improve we get an automatic upgrade. (In the coming weeks we’ll also post more about HTML5/CSS3 app development and some of the challenges we faced.)

Some other early reviews:

  1. Ibis Reader: An Innovative Mobile Web App, eBookNewser/MediaBistro
  2. Ibis Reader is Well Done, Exact Editions blog


3 Responses to “Ibis Reader launched”

  1. Timothy Jones

    Congrats Liza! It looks really solid :) Can’t wait to hear more of your HTML5 stories!


  2. Marc Hansen

    Just curious… do you expect ibis reader to support Adobe and/or IDPF mangling?

  3. Liza Daly

    The iPhone browser doesn’t support embedded fonts (via @font-face) at all, so that’s out whether they’re obfuscated or not. I’m not sure about Android.

    On the traditional web UI, we’d consider implementing the IDPF version. We don’t intend to implement any vendor extensions.

    First we’ll probably implement unmangled embedded fonts, though honestly the reason most people embed open source fonts is to get around the poor international support in Adobe Digital Editions, rather than any specific design reason.