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Did you know that there are keyboard shotcuts for many of the functions you perform while using Safari Books Online, like “a” for adding titles to your favorites?

The following table outlines the keyboard shortcuts you are able to use while logged into Safari Books Online. Enjoy.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function
a Add to Favorites
b Bookmark
t Note or Tag
d Download Content
e Email link to page
s Place cursor in [Start a New Search] text box
h HTML/Flash view toggle in book
w Fit-to-width toggle in book
q Fit-to-page toggle in book
v Thumbnail view/Normal view toggle in book
f Full screen/Normal screen toggle in book
Right Arrow key
Next page in book
Left Arrow key
Previous page in book
Spacebar Scroll forward a screen at a time
Up/Down Arrow key Scroll back or forward a screen at a time.
Home key Beginning of book (Flash view)
Beginning of page (HTML view)
Space Bar
Page Down
Click below scroll bar at right
Scroll to next screen
Page Up
Click above scroll bar at right
Scroll to previous screen
End key End of book (Flash view)
End of page (HTML view)
(use keypad in some browsers) Zoom Out in book
+ (use keypad in some browsers) Zoom In in Book

*Please note that some features may not be available at all subscription levels.


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