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David Busch’s Canon® EOS 50D Guide to Digital SLR Photography

By: David D. Busch
Publisher: Course Technology PTR

You don’t want good pictures from your new Canon EOS 50D—you demand outstanding photos. After all, the 50D is the most advanced low-cost, entry-level camera that Canon has ever introduced. It boasts an astounding 15 megapixels of resolution and blazing fast automatic focus. This book can help you sink your teeth further into your new Canon and the world of photography. The roadmap sections of the book use larger, color pictures to show you where all the buttons and dials are, and the explanations of what they do are longer and more comprehensive. This book doesn’t offer overly general advice that often times isn’t useful. Instead, you’ll find tips and techniques for using all the features of your Canon EOS 50D to take any kind of picture you want. This book concentrates on teaching you how to select the best autofocus mode, shutter speed, f/stop, or flash capability to take, say, a great sports picture under any conditions.

Visual Design Fundamentals: A Digital Approach, Third Edition

By: Alan Hashimoto; Mike Clayton
Publisher: Course Technology PTR

Digital technology has become integrated into every aspect of visual communications. New digital techniques and tools for designers and artists are being invented every day. Many more options and solutions for design and art projects can be explored in greater detail and in less time. The ease of use and inexpensive cost of hardware and software has given the public the ability to create computer-generated graphics and artwork. However, the availability of technology and the advances in imaging and production techniques will not cover up what is essentially a bad design. The history of design teaches us that the same elements and principles of design have always existed, regardless of medium or technique. As the market place and exhibition rooms become saturated with digitally produced images, knowledge of the fundamentals of design becomes even more important. To create sophisticated visuals, which entertain and communicate effectively, an artist or designer cannot ignore what defines design. The intent of this book is to provide a basic understanding of design and how to integrate this knowledge into digitally produced two-dimensional images.

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