2 Responses to “Poll: How often do you read books on your iPhone, mobile device or eReader?”

  1. stevehoward999

    Been reading books on PocketPC, Nokia phones, Windows Mobile phones and iPhones for years – since 2003. I just don’t see the point of Kindle etc. So big, bulky, lacking in features … :-)

  2. Katie Tam

    The problem I found with most of these apps is that their community platforms exist only within the application itself. This means that you can only communicate with other people logged onto the app, normally strangers, without any sort of identification or profile. This creates chat-rooms full of spam, wingdings (smiley faces and what not), and fragmented conversation that is really more annoying than interesting. The solution to this problem lies in OpenID technology such as Facebook Connect, which may soon proliferate the web. Allowing users to log-in to the app using an existing profile, such as their Facebook account, would open the app up to a world of possibilities. Social gaming companies such as Zyng and Playfish are perfect examples of app developers harnessing the power of Facebook’s word-of-mouth/viral capabilities. Facebook Connect might be the easiest solution to creating an engaged community, because lets face, when you fall in love with a band/musician/artist, the first person you to tell “You gotta hear this!” is a good friend.