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Addison-Wesley Professional is the leading publisher of high-quality and timely information for programmers, developers, and system administrators. Many of their series are guided by editors that are often the creators of technology and drivers in the industry. Others are developed with an eye to a specific learning style or methodology.

Check out the newly added Addison-Wesley Professional books and rough cuts recently added to Safari Books Online.

View all Addison-Wesley Professional content available on Safari Books Online.

What the heck are Rough Cuts?

Rough Cuts provides you with early access to books – before they are published or publicly available – and access to the authors who write those books. Sometimes you just can’t wait for the book to be printed. When you need early access to information about the latest technology, Rough Cuts are your solution. Rough Cuts are books-in-progress that provide early access to information on cutting-edge technologies.

Rough Cuts also gives you access to books as they are being written – a sneak peek into the authoring process. Users can help shape the content of the book by providing feedback and participating in dialogues with authors and other subscribers about book content while it’s being developed.

Rough Cuts are typically available in Safari Books Online two to six months prior to a book’s publication and are continually updated. Future iterations of the manuscript (Rough Cut) and published work (book) are included in the price of the subscription to Safari Books Online.

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