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BookServer’s open architecture could help enable a new digital ecosystem that helps people find, buy, acquire, and read books from any source, on any device, using many different ebook readers. Based on common, open standards the project has the goal of giving readers the ability to find the books they want, in the formats that they can use, for the device that they have. The goal for publishers, distributors, and libraries is just as strong:

Make as many books as possible available for discovery, with accurate descriptive information,
at as many different places as possible, under the sales / use terms permitted.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 19, 2010, at 1:00 PM Eastern, I’ll be presenting a BISG Webcast,
Understanding BookServer: The Power to Find, Buy or Borrow Any Digital Book in Any Format at Any Time. The webcast will cover the history and vision of the project, the pieces of the puzzle we’ve worked out so far, and highlight opportunities for publishers, distributors, and aggregators to expand the reach of their digital content in today’s burgeoning mobile and e-book landscape. Please join if you’re interested.


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