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How does the Talent and Development function make learning resources available to people when they can’t get away from their pc’s, or are not likely to attend traditional classroom training? According to a 2008 Forrester Research report on learning strategies, training and educational resources are most effective when employees are comfortable with them and use them at work on a regular basis. Collaborating with IT to leverage an on-line library is a great place to start. At Sun Microsystems, talent world-wide use the power of technology to improve their work experience, knowledge, and increase productivity using on-demand learning tools. And for organizations who measure learning, usage of on-line tools provides measures of time saved by both casual users and power users.

Where are you in the paradigm shift to e-learning-ahead of the curve, current or behind the curve? If you have responsibility for learning, productivity, collaboration and performance, this webcast is for you! Don’t miss these webcast take aways:

  • Incorporate knowledge services and tap digital resources in your learning and development strategy
  • How to collaborate with IT to give e-learning lift-off
  • Reach globally dispersed teams with on-line learning tools
  • Measure time saved and productivity with learning resources that match project and performance goals


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    About the Speaker

    Christy Confetti-Higgins
    Information Services: Digital Libraries & Research, Sun Learning Services
    Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    Christy Confetti-Higgins has been a part of Sun Microsystems’ global Digital Libraries & Research team for 13 years. She is passionate about working with people to get the information and connections they need to get their jobs done. She manages content evaluation, selection and deployment by creating strategic relationships with Sun’s content partners and key Sun groups. She manages search and information discovery across key purchased and internal content and has integrated content into Sun’s portals, wikis, blogs, social networks, virtual worlds, and microblogs. Christy also manages the group’s communications and awareness channels ensuring Sun employees are knowledgeable about the information services. Christy is an active member of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) and the Rocky Mountain Chapter, lives in Colorado, loves to bike, ski and spend time with her family!

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