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This morning my Nook updated to version 1.1.0. I ran through some of the tests in my original Nook/epub review. Other comments on the update are on Teleread.

Locations of My Documents change

I had loaded my local books in the Digital Editions folder, but after the update I had nothing listed on the Nook under My Documents. I moved them to the actual my documents folder and now they show up. I don’t know if this is a real problem for most people who probably put them in the right place in the first case, but it’s worth knowing if your books suddenly “disappeared.”

Rendering tests

Opening The People of the Abyss still takes a long time (about 30 seconds, enough that I initially thought it wasn’t going to work at all). Jumping into a chapter takes long enough that I get an OS-level error saying that the application is stalled (answering “wait” will eventually work).

  • Going backwards into a previous chapter still shows no loading message, when loading can take time.
  • Moving between chapters in this edition still takes 20-30 seconds.
  • As described, pagination is now cached in the current book outside of the reading mode. Meaning, if you stop reading a particular book and browse the store, clicking Reading Now will return to the current book without re-paginating.

    However, going to a new book first and then returning to a previous book does trigger re-pagination, even if the settings have not changed.

  • O’Reilly books still show a Formatting… message indefinitely, requiring a reboot.
  • I didn’t see any improvements in foreign character set support. Books in Chinese still display properly in the metadata but “????” placeholders in the content.
  • I do like that you don’t have to go through the “info” screen to read a book; selecting a title from the list goes directly into the content.

Possibly-new complaints

I can’t remember if it worked this way before, but when I’m in a book and I hit the back-arrow, I expect it to take me back to my list of books. Instead I get bounced to the main “flower” screen. This means there are multiple “clicks” required to move from one book to another and I found that very annoying.

I noticed that my library book (checked out for the previous report) has three days remaining according to Adobe Digital Editions on the desktop, but I can’t retrieve this information on the Nook itself. The book info page just provides other metadata like title and file path.

While I was reading one title (without complex CSS) it took multiple attempts to get the LCD screen to come back up by tapping on the screen. Using the hardware button did wake it up immediately. I hadn’t noticed this particular problem before.

So the changes as described in the Teleread post are nice, but the issues I had haven’t been addressed, unfortunately.



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