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I’ve examined all the listings in the DRM-free publishers index and:

  1. Categorized the publishers, broadly, by genre
  2. Indicated whether their ebooks are available as ePub

Both tasks were surprisingly hard: many of these publishers accept works from a variety of genres, and of course there are multiple distribution channels selling a variety of formats with or without DRM. My rule was to follow the most obvious links and hints about genre and formats.

I also removed a couple of publishers who probably did meet the DRM-free ebook criterion, but didn’t actually have prominent “buy” links or help information that could provide me with the information I needed.

Please continue to add listings on the DRM-free publishers page!


One Response to “Updated list of DRM-free publishers”

  1. stuart yeates

    It would be great to include a list of republishers too, people like the NZETC,, project gutenburg, google books, etc, who republish some content as ebooks.