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Back in November, we asked you if you thought that corporate blogs would replace corporate Websites in the near future. The results of this poll showed that 28% of you think that this might actually happen while 72% of you don’t think that this will happen any time soon (if at all).

That’s a significant majority, and the results are interesting when you consider all of the enthusiasm that surrounds social media. As much as we may believe in and support blogs, it is clear that most of you think they still serve a different function than corporate Websites.

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2 Responses to “Do you think that blogs will soon replace corporate internet sites?”

  1. Dave Anthold

    I am not sure that Corporate Communications organizations understand how best to utilize blogs at this point. I think if used effectively they could replace websites if they wanted to promote more conversations instead of just one-way traffic.

  2. laethyn

    With Yahoos 60+ corporate blogs (all running wordpress, for all manner of yahoo products) they seem to be leading the charge in using this manner of communication to their customers.