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Apropos of the Harlequin announcement of Carina Press, I’ve compiled this list of DRM-free publishers.

I asked about this on Twitter once and eventually stumbled on this great list of scifi, fantasy and romance publishers who distribute DRM-free books. I haven’t validated the list and don’t know if all are still in business.

But I also wanted to include books from other disciplines, such as tech:




These publishers may have books in other genres; I picked the most prominent genre as advertised by their web sites.



Romance and erotica

DRM-free ebook stores

These vendors sell ebooks exclusively without DRM.

Update Nov 11, 2009:

I’m only listing publishers whose works a reader could reasonably be expected to find in DRM-free format. I’m well aware that many downstream channels require DRM whether the publisher wants it or not, but from the consumer perspective, what’s important is how the ebook is represented in the greater marketplace.

I’d encourage publishers who don’t want DRM to continue to pressure distribution channels to respect their decisions.

Update Nov 29, 2009:

Publishers printed in italics don’t sell ePub-format ebooks at this time, but ebooks in other reflowable formats can usually be converted well enough with Calibre.

I’m not including self-publishing sites or single-author sites in the main list, but you’re welcome to list them in the comments.


56 Responses to “List of DRM-free publishers”

  1. Jason

    Hi Liza,

    Love the site. Just a note all books (two currently, with three more due out soon) are DRM-free. We’re small but growing fast!


  2. Brian

    At first glance Baen ( is a biggie that’s missing. eReads stuff is DRM free (done by Fictionwise). It would also be worth mentioning Fictionwise’s Multi-Format books in general as everything in that line (books and magazines) is DRM free. Pan-Macmillan offers DRM free books (not sure if everything there is DRM free or not though).

  3. liza

    Thanks all.

    Baen was an accidental omission, and while I love Feedbooks they’re not exactly a publisher. I included them anyway I think it’s especially important for people to know where to get high-quality public domain books when so many fly-by-night “publishers” repurpose Project Gutenberg content and sell it in various marketplaces.

  4. David Rothman

    Hi, Liza. Good start! I much appreciate your work.

    Twilight Times Books (, publisher of my novel, is passionately anti-DRM, and I hope you can add it to the list.

    Like many others, TTB will let its wares be distributed with DRM if need be, but owner Lida Quillen’s emphatic preference is, “No ‘protection'”?

    DRM is bad not just for consumers, but writers. It devalues literature by making books less of a permanent medium.

    David Rothman
    Founder of and author of The Solomon Scandals

  5. Elizabeth Burton

    Please add Zumaya Publications LLC to your list of DRM-free publishers of fiction. Although we don’t sell direct from our website, our ebooks are available in multiple formats and only carry use restrictions when applied by the vendor.

  6. Rob Preece publishes DRM-free mystery, romance, science fiction and fantasy. Our books are available DRM-free directly from the publisher and through a variety of distributors.

    I’d appreciate being included in your fiction listing.

    Rob Preece

  7. Dave A. Law

    Please add Virtual Tales to your list. We sell DRM free titles on our website and through various online sellers that permit this.

  8. Tracy Falbe

    My fantasy novels are all available without DRM and I produce a collection of classics in ebook form with multiple formats and no DRM.

  9. Neff Rotter


    Both Belgrave House and Regency Reads offer all our ebooks DRM free.


  10. Joshua Tallent


    This is a great idea! Here are two more you should add:

    Publisher: Bristlecone Pine Press –

    Retailer: Smashwords –

    If I think of others I’ll let you know.

  11. Michael Pastore

    For fiction and non-fiction ebooks without DRM, can you please add to your list:

    Zorba Press

    We will have 32 titles early in 2010, including a leading book about ebooks, ==50 Benefits of Ebooks: A Thinking Persons Guide to the Digital Reading Revolution.==


    Michael Pastore

  12. Bill Smith

    The Outlaw Galaxy ( series is DRM-free, too.

    It is swashbuckling space adventure in the grand sci-fi tradition.

  13. zheng , an online create / upload / covert / read / share ebook platform … now it has 10K ebook/newspaper that users created since three month ago.

    user can import txt/epub/chm/umd to shucang,and every book would be
    export : epub/mobi/pdf/doc/chm ,and mobile online edition

  14. Gary Gibson

    To my knowledge – I’m published by Pan Macmillan in the UK – all their ebooks as sold through their own website have no DRM. That’s only through their own website, you understand; when sold through third party booksellers, they may well have drm, due to the insistence of the third party companies.

  15. Eduardo Melo

    Editora Plus ( is publishing no-drm ePubs and Mobi’s, since march 2009. We also publish PDF and Java books.

    Our home country is Brazil and all books are portuguese written, but we’ll start publish by december 2009 also on english and spanish.

    We are a NGO, so all books are free. We also publish e-books written by childrens from brazilian schools. We’ll look forward to translate them also – so more people could share with us the reading of the impressive stories they wrote. These books, as our regular ones, on epub, mobi, pdf and java.


  16. Michelle Halket

    Hi, wow, so many great publishers and sellers, so I thought I might throw ours into the mix. ireadiwrite Publishing offers books by new writers across a wide variety of literary fiction, poetry and selected non-fiction genres. We are vehemently anti-DRM and all our books are available on our own site ad and DRM-free and in multi formats including epub. While they are available in many other booksellers (who may or may not apply DRM), on our site they are and will always be non-DRM. Thanks, we look forward to hearing more from readers and new writers who may want to submit!

  17. asimov

    Dreamspinner Press is a place for gay romance fiction, not for Fantasy/Sci-fi/Horror under which it’s listed.

  18. Jonas

    Two major swedish book stores has begun to sell (swedish) ebooks without DRM (but with watermarking): and

    Not every book is DRM free, so be sure to select the proper file format. Also the format is epub (also called letto) which is not directly suitable for odd readers like the Kindle but since it is DRM free it can easily be converted by Calibre or similar tool.

  19. Dean

    I’m wondering if there’s a good group or forum for encouraging mainstream publishers to make their books available without DRM. I’m ready to buy books and I hope that the publishers don’t make the same mistake the music industry did (forcing people to either use invasive DRM/apple for so long that unauthorized downloading of non-DRM media is now the socially accepted norm). If there are good ways to browse/buy/read mainstream books w/ out anti-consumer strings attached, I think people (self included) will be happy to pay.

    I haven’t done any research yet, but I will look around and if I find any good ways to encourage publishers to make this an option, I’ll post them here.

  20. Yaron Goldstein
    Hebrew eBooks at Mendele HeBooks. We are the first ever and so far the only ones to provide ePub eBooks in Hebrew (HeBooks). We are not a publisher. We take books from publishers, convert them to standard ePubs and sell them in our online store and encourage the publishers to sell them anywhere they can. We use Social DRM only. That is, each book is created on the fly, personally for the specific buyer with an ExLibris stamp showing the buyer’s name and email address and with subtle watermarks. The files are completely open and not encoded in any manner. If someone chooses to distribute a book, he would be distributing his own details with it.
    That should qualify as DRM Free. Please add us to the list. Thank you.

  21. Chris Dolley

    All the books at Book View Café ( are DRM-free.

    Book View Café is an author co-op with 33+ pro members including Nebula and Hugo award winners Ursula LeGuin and Vonda McIntyre, PK Dick winner CL Anderson, Sherwood Smith, Katherine Kerr, Patricia Rice…

  22. BeWrite Books

    BeWrite Books launched at the turn of the millennium as a publisher of exclusive new high quality fiction. Since then, it has released twelve titles a year in paperback – each covered by a full ebook version. BB also produces two sole-authored poetry collections each year.

    The independent house is highly selective and editorially driven (each full-time qualified editor has an average of more than thirty-five years’ professional experience), and has a professional design and technical staff.

    Based in Europe for its first decade, the company re-located its administration to Canada in February 2010. The team, however, is scattered around the world, as are its authors, printers and retailers.

    The BeWrite Books catalogue at the start of 2010 contained 120 titles in so many genres that it’s simpler to itemise what we do not offer: books for children or exclusively YA, erotica, swords-and-sorcery fantasy and space-opera-style science fiction. All other genres are represented.

    BeWrite Books titles are available in paperback and all ebook formats (which can be read on any device) from major and minor online bookstores. Paperbacks can also be ordered from brick-and-mortar bookshops in your local high street.

  23. Sebastien

    Hi Liza,

    great initiative…

    One french publisher is missing : Eyrolles who publish professionals and technicals books (computer, management, etc.).


  24. Adam C. Engst

    We’ve been publishing DRM-free technical ebooks (in PDF format, largely) since 2003.

    cheers… -Adam Engst, Take Control Publisher


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