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We received our First Safari Books Online’s Super Techie Achievement Challenge Submission!

Screen name: talltyler
Company name:
Project title: MiniHTML
Time to complete : 2 days

 Project details: My goal was to create a HTML/CSS renderer in ActionScript small enough package with any project and simple enough for anyone to understand and extend the how the parsing and rendering works. The resulting HTML/CSS renderer is 208 lines of code and compiles to 2.5K. You can dynamically load HTML and CSS at runtime and render pages in a few milliseconds. Sure only the basic web browser features are supported but sometimes that’s all you need. Adobe is pushing Flex, Thermo and other huge application frameworks that force a projects compile size to larger then 600K. Many people are looking to different ways of front-end development to avoid this bandwidth consumption. Not to mention all views are compiled in Flex and don’t follow any of the web standards that are looked at by search engines. By using HTML and CSS formated files we are able to have people with different expertise create content for our Flash sites and server side content management systems can generate views on the fly. You can see an example of this project running here. And the source is released on github I have created a few similar projects but always been forced to add in more features based on client request. This far simpler piece of code but still is able to produce the same results. The code is solid enough for a production environments and would be great for small sites that need the ability for clients to edit layout as well as the content within there site. There are many things that can be added but it’s simple enough that anyone could add these features. Imagine how great it would be if it was easy to add features to the browsers we use every day.

 What do you read?: JavaScript The Good Parts. by Douglas Crockford, O’Reilly; Coders at Work, by Peter Seibel Apress; Beautiful Code, O’Reilly; Code Complete, by Steve McConnell – Microsoft;  Programming Ruby’ Guide, by Dave Thomas, Pragmatic Programmer;  Making Things Move by Keith Petters Friends Of Ed Essential ActionScript 3.0 by Colin Moock, O’Reilly; Learning to Program by Chris Pine, Pragmatic Programmer.


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