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The new and improved Safari Books Online is here!
The newly released version of Safari Books Online is packed with great features that make it easier than ever to access, read and organize the information you need.

Check out some of the new features:

Favorites Folders – Organize your Favorites! Create Folders for the titles you consult frequently. These custom lists will save you time. Organize your favorite books and videos into Folders that you create and name, handpick books to go into a Folder(s) or organize content based on a saved query (“Smart Folders”), and drag and drop titles into Folders.

Notes and Highlighting – Use Safari Books Online’s Notes feature to comment on the electronic text. Attach a Note to a book or a page, highlight text and attach a Note to that text, organize, search and filter your Notes by adding Tags, and print your Notes and Highlights in a custom summary.

Bookmarks – Find your place quickly when you use Bookmarks. One click on your Bookmark opens the book just where you left off. You may also Dog-ear the page by clicking the upper right corner of the page.

Tags – Categorize your Notes and organize your content with searchable Tags. Assign Tags to a whole book, to specific pages, or to your Notes; search for content—books, specific pages, and Notes—you have tagged; and select from your frequently used Tags when creating a new Note or Tag.

Printable, Custom Summary – Create a custom document (auto-summary) from your Notes and highlighted text. Select tagged Notes and Highlights from a combination of books across the library, select content and Notes in an individual book or print just text you have highlighted.

Ratings and Reviews – Contribute to the Safari Books Online community by adding Ratings and Reviews to titles. Click the stars to rate any Safari Books Online title. Learn from your peers: read Reviews posted by other Safari Books Online subscribers and write your own Review and share with others.

Search and Smart Folders – Save useful search results for quick access, and discover additional ways to search. Save any query and list of search results as a custom Smart Folder, search inside a book without leaving the page, build a detailed search with the new Advanced Search form, search within Folders you have created, and search using Tags you have added to content.

Log into your account and try out the new product.

*Some of these features may not be available at some subscription levels.

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10 Responses to “Release 6.0 is Now Available”

  1. donoho

    Safari Books Online has been a continually evolving and an increasingly valuable resource for consistently High Quality, technical knowledge. The most recent round of improvements, introduced in 6.0, have made organizing and accessing that knowledge significantly easier. Not since the introduction of Library Subscriptions, has the value of this service been so dramatically increased for me.

    Brian H Donoho
    Subscriber since 2004-SEP

  2. rdjack21

    I have been a member since Safari went live. This latest change to Safari has really destroyed Safari as a place to read books. Most of the changes I can live with and some of them I really like but the main reason I have been a member for so long is that I like to read books and I read allot of them. So the service has been a perfect match for me up until today that is.

    The new Flash based book reader is really a piece of garbage. Sorry but I like my books and I like to read but lets be honest the new reader is junk. The fonts suck so bad I really can’t read them easily. When you zoom in enough to make them legible then you get image zoom artefacts on all the fonts which makes reading the content even worse. And lets not even go into the fact that it crashes my browser.

    I mean the main reason I have subscribed and advocated other people to subscribe is the content. And that content is no longer comfortably readable any more. Oh it may be fine for reading snipits of books but I read most of the books I put on my shelf front to back and I really don’t want the eye strain the new reader causes me. So it has been fun while it lasted. I have read and recommended allot of books on Safari but now that the days of good old readable and accessible HTML is gone Safari will no longer get my money. Because with out the content the rest of the updates are worthless.

    • gotxe

      Totally agree. New reading interface is really REALLY ugly :(
      Hope you’ll change it or at least give us an ability to use older interface. It’s too painful to read now…

      And BTW, my firefox 3.0.14 crashed once already while scrolling through pages in a book.

      Maybe FlashFlex is good enough for browser-based little games, but not for a solid service which respects user’s comfort.

  3. chadawilson

    This new interface leaves quite a bit to be desired. First, your engineers should really attempt to use this site on a laptop without a scroll wheel on the mouse. You’d immediately see the first issue: the tiny scroll bar on the side is far too small to manage a page (not to mention those of us who have used web pages for over 10 years instinctually reach for the far right of the screen/window). With the HTML view, the scrollbar was much larger due to there only being a single chaper (or sub-chapter) on the screen at once.

    While the whole idea of print fidelity being maintained sounds great on paper, it leaves a lot to be desired. Why do I have to zoom in in order to read a book? With the HTML view, the text was controlled via CSS as well as my browser settings/overrides. How about the now required decoration that eats up more screen real estate? Go ahead, try to view a book on a widescreen. Notice that there is now even less content on the screen (books are vertical not horizontal ergo, any vertical content should be removed if possible)?

    There is also now a quite distracting border around the book content. One of the best parts of Safari and the HTML view was the book itself seamlessly fit into the background of the page, and the site felt much more like the book reading experience. How would you like to look through a window, to look through another window with a semi-opaque pane on the outside, with a book in the background? That’s what this new interface feels like. It forces the user to see the interface as opposed to ignore it, and focus on the interface instead of the content (which when researching, the content is of paramount importance).

    This new interface screams of a graphics designer doing interface work. The whole point of an interface is to provide as much functionality in as unobtrusive fashion possible. This is nowhere near what this new interface delivers.

    What Safari used to be was a book experience from any online computer. This is no longer the case, as now you have a very noisy and obtrusive interface that is screaming “LOOK AT ME!!!!!!” while you’re reading. This may work for teenagers on myspace, but your target audience (technology researchers, training, etc.) is not served by this.

    I would like to have a way to get access to either the old interface, or an equivalent HTML view. I have been a Safari subscriber for many years now due to the fact that I could have the *same* book experience on any computer. I even have paid for a larger subscription than I need simply for the convenience of it (if I were to purchase the books I read as opposed to reading them online they would not add up to the subscription fees I’ve paid). If I am not able to get this from Safari, then I will be cancelling my subscription (note I said cancel and not lower the level). I have turned many people on to your service, and have acted as a loud proponent both to friends, and to companies (one of which being a fortune 500 who is considering your service as we speak). This too will no longer be the case if you continue to only offer this noisy interface.


  4. sc94

    The new Flash reader is a disaster – It has made the service practically unusable. It is absolutely flawed software, for all the reasons others have stated and more. Utterly unfit for purpose. It needs to go and the html view needs to come back.

    I’ll be downgrading my subscription shortly and may cancel entirely if this isn’t fixed soon. The service now provides very reduced value – it simply isn’t justifiable to maintain a subscription while the system remains in this state.

  5. rdjack21

    Well I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that has problems with the new Flash based book reader. Have you also noticed that this is really the only place that has any information about these changes to Safari. You would think a Book publishing house would be more open and communicative to it’s users. Like why does Safari not have forums so that we could at least have had a place to express our displeasure about this change before it went live. Or given a chance to review the changes and give feed back to the developers again before it went live. And of course the only way I found it was by searching for it. This should be promoted on the Safari web site itself but then again they probably don’t want allot of users find this site.

    I’m sorry about my rants but I am really upset by this. Safari has been one of my favourite sites for a very long time and the only site I have been willing to actually pay for and I really hate to see it be destroyed this way. The problem for Safari is that once they loose me I most likely will not be back even if they do change back to the HTML view. But I would be surprised if there are enough of us upset to really make a difference which is sad. The problem is that there is not really an alternative so we have to put up with this crap if we want to read our books online verses geting a paper book. But more and more publishers are offering there books in an electronic format that is better than this Flash based reader so I may end up going that route. I’m going to give them until renewal time and if things have not changed then I will be canceling my subscription. As I have said content is king and with out being able to read the content then I have no need for the service.

    I’m rambling now so I’ll leave.