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Project title: IT based on UNIX MacOSX
Time to complete: 1998 – 2009

Project details: Small factory in Black Forest with a staff of 20. Doing plastic molding and CNC machining. Started our IT on an SGI Workstation serving SSH-Terminals on Macs. Ported IT to MacOSX in 2002, to MacOSXServer in 2009. Programmed in ANSI-C, SQLite, Applescript. Simple text dialog via SSH yet integrates all great graphic features/programs of MacOSX! Comprises of intelligent warehouse management, parts list, production/machine planning, document management, project management, billing, attendance recording, cnc-programming. Simple, slim yet powerful, too often put SAP-Users in amazement.
Resources used: Books on C, SGI-Docs, Apple-Docs, many many O’Reilly publications.
Parties involved: Many and many ideas from my co-workers in production, I did the coding, also my son starting in 2008.

Any other details you would like us to know: We have great fun.
What do you read?: OReilly: MacOSX for UNIX geeks, OReilly: C in a Nutshell, OReilly: Sed & Awk, OReilly: Learning Cocoa with Objective-C, OReilly: Learning the bash Shell, Apress: The Definetive Guide to SQLite LateX for Dummies

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  1. Safari Books Online

    Thank you for your submission. It sounds like you built a robust solution. Will you please give me more details about your most recent project? What obstacles did you have to overcome? What was the most challenging aspect of your project? How long did it take you to port over to the MacOSXServer? What approach did you take to the development work? Did you use Agile development? What advice would you give to others in a similar situation?



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