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Details over at O’Reilly Labs: New features and bug fixes for Bookworm.

Most of these are (by design) internal and not user-facing, but at least two are notable and possibly quite fun.

Feedbooks integration

At the bottom of the user library page (your home page when you log in), there’s now an option to download any books from the Feedbooks most-popular feed. This is language-aware; Bookworm will request books in your current language preference, and Feedbooks will return the most popular books in that language:

One-click adding

Clicking on a Feedbooks title will immediately add that book to your library, without having to download it to your computer first.

Any other site can create an “add to Bookworm” button using this simple URL scheme:

For example:

At this point, you will already need to be logged in to Bookworm for this to work. In the near future we’ll provide even more methods to get content in and out of Bookworm.

Many thanks to the O’Reilly TOC folks who sponsored this work.

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