Major Bookworm release

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Details over at O’Reilly Labs: New features and bug fixes for Bookworm. Most of these are (by design) internal and not user-facing, but at least two are notable and possibly quite fun. Feedbooks integration At the bottom of the user library page (your home page when you log in), there’s now an option to download… Read more »

Open Publication Distribution System on PubCall #14

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Mark Bertilis was nice enough to invite me to this week’s PubCall, a semi-regular publishing podcast. I talked about the Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS), which I pronounce “op-dees” although probably “Open Pub” will win out. OPDS is building some real momentum. Now is the time to get involved if you are interested in any… Read more »

¿Qué es Bookworm?

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Bookworm is now available in Spanish! I’m thrilled to finally have this up as Spanish was one of the languages I was most interested in adding.