20 New Books/Rough Cuts Added to Safari Books Online Library During Period: June 17 – June 24, 2009

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Safari Books Online adds 20 new books/rough cuts to its library within the last 7 days. Topics covered include JavaScript, Ajax, Networking, Photography, Flex, ActionScript, and more. Check out the newly added content by clicking on the title below or log into your Safari Books Online account to gain full access to the content: SIP… Read more »

ePub talk at AAUP

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There was a sizable crowd and some good questions from the audience at our eformats talk at AAUP. I had to do half the presentation cowboy-style — no slides, no notes — when my USB drive turned out to be Mac-formatted and the slides had to be recovered from email. Thank you Kate! The theme… Read more »

Session on ePub at AAUP

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This Saturday I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Association of American University Presses annual meeting about electronic book formats: Introduction to E-formats Kindles, iPhones, Sony Readers, Google Books, e-pub, prc, DRM, no-DRM, images with OCR, page-based display vs. reflowed text . . . How do we put books in front of readers on… Read more »

How do you like to read?

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There’s a lot of discussion lately about optimal digital reading environments. I could go on at length, but here are a few of the thoughts that keep rattling around. Optimal text size for human reading is 11 point type. I don’t know what the studies are actually measuring here — comprehension? speed? — and I… Read more »

BookCamp Toronto report

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There were a lot of surprising comments at Bookcamp Toronto, not always in a good way, but the one that’s sticking with me most came in a conversation I had after introducing myself as a software engineer who works in publishing: “Wow, what a terrible job.” Are you kidding? I think I have the best… Read more »

ePub Zen Garden

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At BookCamp Toronto this weekend I released ePub Zen Garden, modeled after the pioneering CSS Zen Garden project. EZG aims to inspire and promote digital book design. Like the CSS Zen Garden, it demonstrates that solely via Cascading Style Sheets (and in our case a cover image), a wide range of expression is possible. Contributions… Read more »

Advanced Twitter for Business Webcast Video

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Twitter is all the rage these days, and it seems like you can’t go anywhere without hearing about it. Unfortunately, some businesses are disregarding it as something that they don’t need to understand, but you can’t afford to let your business make that mistake. The Advanced Twitter for Business webcast video is now available for Safari Books Online… Read more »

On IBM Developerworks: Doing More with the Django Admin

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The second of two articles I wrote for IBM Developerworks: Doing More with the Django Admin (the first was Better Django Models). The “Admin” is the administrative console that’s built into the Django application. It provides an easy way to administer content on any Django site. For developers who are tired of writing the same… Read more »