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Want to convert from Word to ePub? These tools aren’t a magic bullet, but they should be helpful to digital publishing developers.

Paul Norton from Adobe has contributed a new software suite to the epub-tools project hosted on Google Code. The Java library provides tools to convert from an impressive number of formats: Word, RTF, and FictionBook.

Here’s Paul’s description of the project:

… the main intent of this project is to provide source code and examples of the way things could be done. In other words, there’s plenty of room for developers to improve and enhance the conversion.

The project includes code to convert a couple different formats to ePub, including generating all the required files and creating the package. The project also shows how to mangle embedded fonts, how to sub-set those font (thus reducing the size of the ePub).

More on the Digital Editions blog.

I think it’s great that Adobe is supporting ePub in this way, both with additional developer tools and the invaluable epubcheck. Thanks to Paul and to the Digital Editions team!


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