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It’s been five hours and I’m already sick of talking about the Stanza acquisition. You too? Let’s talk about the future.

[Dr. Whitney’s] first suggestion was the electric book reader — a dream at least as old as Bellamy’s “Looking Backward,” but not fully realized by the present phonographic machines.

“The elementary apparatus for this device exists,” he said. “All that is necessary is rightly to put it together. First, there is the pallophotophone, an invention that makes it possible to photograph sound on a motion-picture film. This is done by means of a potassium cell, which translates electrical impulses into light rays or light rays into electrical impulses. Then there is the loud speaker, of which we have just finished a model that preserves nearly all the natural tones of the voice.”

“Are you working on such a device now?” Dr. Whitney was asked.

He smiled. “Oh, no, not as a whole. I just happened to think of it. Some day, perhaps. It’s an illustration of what can easily be done.”

New York Times, March 1925



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