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Over on the O’Reilly Labs blog I’ve posted instructions on how to help translate Bookworm into other languages.

I’m excited about this initiative for two reasons:

  1. The ePub format is gaining ground faster outside of the U.S. than within, because the ePub-unfriendly Kindle is effectively useless anywhere else.
  2. Translations are a relatively easy way for people to contribute to Bookworm without any programming knowledge. Unlike software development, half a translation is better than nothing.

My plan is to start making the translated versions available even if the contributed translations aren’t complete. My hope is that seeing it just slightly wrong will be annoying enough for perfectionists that they’ll have no choice but to send in corrections.

Look for German, Spanish, Hebrew and Danish to roll out in the next few weeks, with hopefully many more to follow.

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2 Responses to “Guaranteed Swahili: Bookworm now accepting translations”

  1. liza

    Wow, awesome. Thank you!

    Before you do too much more, the translation needs to go in “msgstr”, which immediately follows the English “msgid.” Don’t worry about the existing ones, I’ll copy them over.