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I’m not sure I can bear to watch myself onscreen, but O’Reilly is putting up videos from TOC at a rapid clip. Here’s our panel session:

I’m not a huge fan of panels as an audience member and I think our practice session the day before was better than what we did on stage, but we got some good questions and hopefully provoked some additional thinking on the subject.

The points I wanted to get out (or that I felt were insightfully provided by my co-panelists):

  1. Readers do want to engage with others in a non-intrusive way.
  2. Look to web-native reading and writing communities, not publishers, for innovation.
  3. A “web-based book” does not have to exclude a paper representation. In fact it should draw from it.
  4. Web developers are familiar with sites optimized for mobile devices vs. desktop computers. Digital books too will have aspects best suited for one kind of media versus another.  That’s an opportunity, not a problem.
  5. Mundane-sounding issues like pagination and versioning are still unsolved, and will probably be revisited again and again.


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