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I’m extremely pleased to announce that the Bookworm project is now part of O’Reilly Labs.

Like many software engineers, I learn best by building. Bookworm began as my way to learn the ins and outs of the ePub ebook format. Thanks to the growing adoption of ePub and integration with other products like Stanza, Bookworm now has a thriving user community and thousands of ebooks. Many publishers tell me it’s been invaluable to them as a learning tool and resource.

From the beginning, O’Reilly has been an enthusiastic supporter of the project. Uniting the two under the Labs banner is a natural fit.

What does this mean for Bookworm’s future?

Most importantly, core Bookworm code will remain open-source. If you would like to use Bookworm code, even commercially, you’re encouraged to do so.

As part of the Labs project, we may add some features that won’t be part of the core open-source package. Most other changes will be free and BSD-licensed. We’re just beginning to think about where we can take this project.

I’ll remain as the primary developer of Bookworm, but I hope that the added exposure O’Reilly brings to the project will encourage wider participation, not just of code but of ideas. I’m looking forward to taking ebook innovation to new places in 2009.


3 Responses to “Bookworm is now part of O’Reilly Labs”

  1. Jonathan Lin

    Hey! I’m happy to hear about bookworm moving to O’Reilly’s. However, I was trying to update my local svn repo of bookworm (via the threepress googlecode project), and svn is asking for a password for the “bookworm/orm”

    I was wondering if you could direct me to the right place to participate in the bookworm source.


  2. liza

    Sorry about that, it was a temporary repository to store things related to the migration to the O’Reilly servers. I’ve removed it so you shouldn’t be prompted again.


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