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I was very pleased to be able to write an article for the Fall 2008 issue of NISO ISQ (volume 20, no. 4).

The full text of the article is only available to NISO members, but here’s a quick excerpt:

Bookworm was originally conceived as an proof-of-concept in leveraging web browser rendering for ePub display.  Since the site
launch in July, 2008, the focus of Bookworm has shifted towards a
platform for readers to manage a centralized library of ebooks, and
for publishers to experiment with and verify their own nascent ePub


As a web platform, Bookworm is poised to leverage the increasing number of book-related data services and APIs, including those
offered by OCLC and LibraryThing.  Despite the popularity and
utility of those services, they are rooted in concepts that apply to
printed works issued by publishers.  Already, Bookworm’s library
deviates from this mold: many ePubs are converted public domain books with no ISBN or LCCN, some are book fragments (teasers or samples), others are self-published works or anonymous collections of digital material.   ePub readers and the larger online book ecosystem must consider the needs of these uniquely 21st century texts.

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